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I just threw this page and a few pictures together of the rush install job that we did today on my wife's Altima. It was a surprise birthday present, so I "borrowed" the car for the day, and Ted with HiTech did the install today. Thanks Ted!

More details of the system are down... below the pictures!

The stock door location
Stock door mount, modifying
New fronts to the mount
Fiberglassing enclosure
Testing the fit in the door
Morel 6.5" Mid installed
Mount/Angling new tweet in kick
Re-angling tweet in kick
Back side of sub enclosure and sub amp
Front of sub enclosure with seat removed
Tweet in kick, done!
Trunk, done. Lotso space left!

The system is not quite up to the level of the system in my car, so don't ask! It's certainly not bad though! Components include a KDC-7009 Kenwood CD-Player/Receiver , Morel 6.2 6.5"/1" component set, Alpine MRV-F401 amp (running the Morel's, bridged to 2 channels), Alpine VR 12" Subwoofer, Kicker 652xi (running the Alpine sub bridged 1 channel mono).

New enclosures were fabricated out of the stock 5x7 location mounting plates in the front doors using fiberglass and MDF. This now holds the Morel 6.5" drivers. The kick panels were cut and modified to house the Morel 1" soft dome mids. And of course, a small (1 cuft) sub enclsoure was built and bolted to the car for the Alpine sub. A fake wall was built in the trunk to cover the sub box and amp, and keep a "factory" appearance. Very little trunk space was lost.

I figured, she should enjoy the time in her car too!

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