Mike's Grand Prix GTP

12" Brake Painting

If you have done the 12" Brake Upgrade, then you know about one little visual "problem" with them. Since the contact pad on the new rotors is the same as the smaller stock rotors (same caliper and brake pad), you get rust on the unused sections of the rotor. Obviously, this doesn't look that great (grin).

Below are some pictures of what I did to resolve that issue. Sorry that I didn't get a "before" picture of what the rust looked like.

I used some Plasti-Kote Hot Paint which resits heat up to 1500F degrees. I chose to use color HP-14 Aluminum which matches the rotor and my wheels perfectly.

As long as I had the wheels off, I used this time to flush my brake fluid and get some "fresh" DOT-3 fluid in the system as well.

Rotors removed
Just sprayed the rotors
Rotors re-installed
Looks much better
You can see the
center section

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