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Video Camera

Updated Friday December 03 2004

Here is some information about my Video Camera integration with the rest of the A/V system.

I am using a sealed 330 line color pin-hole camera as my source. Below is some information on the integration into the car. Why a front camera? Great recording of racing sessions, etc. (grin)

I had originally planned on firing the camera through the license plate cover, but we came up with some "neat" tricks to try out first. In our first mounting attempt, I removed the Pontiac logo between the front grills, and had a new one made out of clear plexiglass. I then had it done in the factory colors, except I left the center "cross" in the logo clear. That would be the firing location for the camera.

Once mounted and in testing... because of the severe angle of that area of the facia, the camera had to be mounted too far away from the firing pane, which caused the required firing area to be a bit large... and also created shadows and lighting problems.

The fix? Go back to Plan A! (grin).

More to come soon!

Click on a picture for a bigger image

Getting ready to make changes!
Pontiac Logo removed
Cut out hole for the
camera to fire through

The area we are
working in, stock

New custom bracket
and camera

The newest location
for the camera, stock

Hole cut for camera placement
New bracket and camera mounting
There it is! (see the hole?)
Black PONTIAC decal
coming soon!

A shot taken at 8:30pm
Another shot at 8:30pm
Another shot at 8:00am

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