Mike's Grand Prix GTP - 1998 IASCA Finals!

I would like to extend a special thanks to HiTech Car Audio and Ted and Scott over there at the shop! Also, thanks to Audio Control for rushing my freshly painted EQT's back to me re-screen printed in less then 1 week! Also, a thanks to JL Audio for hooking me up with some Great competition team stuff, for and during finals!

Check out some pictures from the 1998 IASCA World Finals!

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Mike's (FXOL) Grand Prix
The Nov 301-600 lane
Ken (Xtant) and his car
Carl (GndPrx) and his car
Kyle (tahoe) and friends

Mike's 'updated' trunk
Mike's 'updated' trunk
Install Judges in Mike's car
Ed (Noc) and Matt (Dew) next to
Nick's (Mazdik) truck

The 'Expert Showcase'
Trunk of a Pro Grand Prix
Pro Grand Prix

Earl Z's new front stage

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