Mike's Grand Prix GTP

Audio System

Updated 01/12/99

The front speakers have been replaced with Dynaudio and Morel's. The 6.5" midbass is the Morel MW166... The 55mm softdome mid is the Morel MR55... and the Dynaudio D260 1" soft dome tweeters (with 3" magnets!). These components are being driven with Dynaudio X360 crossovers. I am running a Kicker ZR600 in stereo on the front set.

The JL 15W6 subs are in a sealed enclsoure, white laminate interior, neon, and 3/4" plexi rear for show. I am running a ZR600 amp running in stereo on each 15W6 which will be a 3 ohm stereo load.

Total power class is 600 watts, although I'll be pushing a conservative 900 watts.

I have (2) Audio Control 30-band 1/3 octave EQT's and am using the Kicker crossover modules that plug into the amplifiers.

Timeline and Information...

  • 01/08/98: CES 1999 information and pictures
  • 10/20/98: Pictures of the Audio project for my wife
  • 10/04/98: Pictures of the 1998 IASCA Finals!
  • 10/01/98: Pictures of some tweaking for IASCA World Finals
  • 08/16/98: Pictures of the Longview TX IASCA Show
  • 08/02/98: Pictures of the Tulsa OK IASCA Key Show
  • 07/26/98: Pictures of the Austin IASCA Show
  • 06/16/98: Pictures of the Headunit install updates
  • 06/14/98: Pictures of the Tulsa OK IASCA Show
  • 05/31/98: Pictures of the Center TX IASCA Show
  • 05/03/98: Pictures of the Longview IASCA Show
  • 03/29/98: Pictures of the Dallas IASCA Show
  • 03/01/98: Pictures of the Audio System process!

1998 Competition Results
IASCA Nov 301-600
1998 IASCA World Finals
7th Place, SQ+ / 8th Place, SQ

1st Place Points in Zone 5 SQ & SQ+ 1998
6th Place Points in Country SQ+ 1998
8th Place Points in Country SQ 1998

08/16/98: IASCA Show, Longview TX

  • 1st Place SoundQ
  • 1st Place SoundQ+
08/02/98: IASCA Show, Tulsa OK
  • 1st Place SoundQ
  • 2nd Place SoundQ+
07/25/98: IASCA Show, Austin TX
  • 2nd Place SoundQ
  • 3rd Place SoundQ+
07/19/98: IASCA Show, Dallas TX
  • 3rd Place SoundQ
  • 3rd Place SoundQ+
06/14/98: IASCA Show, Tulsa Oklahoma
  • 1st Place SoundQ
  • 1st Place SoundQ+
05/31/98: IASCA Show, Center Texas
  • 1st Place SoundQ
  • 1st Place SoundQ+
05/03/98: IASCA Show, Longview Texas
  • 2nd Place SoundQ
  • 2nd Place SoundQ+
03/01/98: First IASCA Show, Oklahoma City Regional
  • 2nd Place SoundQ
  • 2nd Place SoundQ+

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