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Updated 04/08/1999

Check out some pictures...

04/08/1999 Finally got the hood back from the paint shop. I went ahead and took these pictures so you all had something to look at. Sorry the car was dirty... enjoy the pictures...

04/06/1999 As some of you know... I have had quite a few problems with the paint shop thus far. They finally said the hood was done, so I went up there today to "pick it up". The pictures below show some of the problems I found with their work (Hard to see in these scans). The front edge was not (in my opinion) properly prepared, so there are some visible problems. There is also some "stuff" in the clear coat near the two air inlets. They claim the problems should be fixed, and I should be able to pick it up tomorrow. We'll see.

04/01/1999 Well, I finally got the hood down to the paint shop, and they have prepped and primed it. Below are some shots of the hood as of today. It's possible it will be done tomorrow!

03/24/1999 My ASCD hood came in today! Below are some shots of the hood and me test fitting it. For a quick test fit, it was great! Sorry, some of the shots were taken without the flash (sigh). More pictures to follow when it gets painted!

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