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Check out some pictures...

Jan '98: My '97 GTP Window Sticker - Page 1 | Page 2

August '97: Front/Side shot | Back/Side shot | Heads-up display

July '97: Back Seat/Subs

June '97: Side Shot | Door Panels | Back Seat/Subs | Trunk

March '97: Side Shot | Front Angle | Back Angle | Inside

Stuff For Sale

I have 2 JL 15W6's (as in the picture above and below!) new in the boxes for sale for $185 ea obo. I bought too many!

Stereo Plans/Progress
Updated 11/29/97

My temporary setup includes 2 JL Audio 15W6 15" Subs in a sealed enclosure running off a Kicker ZR240 stealing the signal from the factory "subs", the 6x9's.

I also have the following equipment that will soon be going in, as the rest of the parts come together.

(2) JL Audio 15W6 Subs
(4) Kicker ZR240 Amps

1997 Grand Prix GTP
Factory Features
  • Supercharged 3800 V6 with 240 horsepower and 280 torque
  • 4-wheel Anti-lock Disc brakes
  • Dual airbags
  • Performance and Normal shift modes
  • Accelerates from 0-60 in 6.6 seconds
  • P225/60R16 tires with Polished aluminum 5-spoke wheels
  • Leather interior
  • Power and heated driver's seat
  • EYECUE heads-up display with speedometer, turn signals and stereo display
    projected on the windshield in front of the driver.
  • In car computer center display with digital information for Boost, Oil life,
    Gallons of gas used, Miles left on gas tank and Low tire pressure alert.
  • Power sunroof
  • Remote alarm system with trunk pop and pre-theft warning system
  • 8-speaker Premium sound system with 12-disk CD changer
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel with stereo controls
  • Electrochromatic rear view mirror
  • Enough already!

The front speakers have been replaced with Morel 6.2's. 6.5" midbass and 1" soft dome tweeters with 12db crossovers. I am currently running a Kicker ZR240 in stereo on the front set. I will be running 1 ZR240 amp running bridged (240 watts) on EACH 6.5/tweet component set in the near future.

The JL 15W6 subs are in a sealed enclsoure, white laminate interior, neon, and 3/4" plexi rear for show. I am going to run 1 ZR240 amp running bridged (300 watts) on each 15W6.

Total power class is 480 watts, although I'll be pushing a conservative 1080 watts (actually closer to 1350).

Where are these amps (and EQ, 2nd battery, etc.) gonna go? Current plan is to cut out my spare tire well and have a new one (much larger) fabricated out of Stainless Steel. It will have 2 "levels", 1 that will hold 2 of the amps, the battery, wiring, etc.... and the 2nd level will hold 2 more amps. The cover will be more 3/4" plexiglass that will make the new "floor" of the trunk. What about the EQ? Depends on which one I end up using... either down in the new well, or on the bottom of the trunk lid.

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