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The In Car PC Project

Updated Friday December 03 2004

Well, I have finally got most of the parts I need to do a integrated PC in my car. This is not going to be a standard "PC in a car" project, as I am going to integrate is cosmetically and functionally as well as possible.

This has been something I've been planning on integrating for a while, but have finally got off my butt and started doing. Right now I just want to explain the basics of the project here first, while it's in the design stages.

The PC will be "hidden" or integrated like I have done with most of my trunk. The screen will be integrated into the front center console, and will be invisible when not in use, and will not take up any room up front. The PC will be able to play MP3's, DVD's, GPS, etc and will run Windows 98. It will have a wireless keyboard/mouse with volume controls on the keyboard, and I will also have a universal remote with integrated mouse for most of the functions, so the keyboard will not be required for most operations. I also plan on having wireless networking in it for doing system updates, updating MP3's and software, and provided peer-to-peer networking via my notebook computer while away from home.

08/07/99: Finally got moving on the Video Screen

More details of the system will follow, so don't email me just yet!

On the "test bench"
6.4" TFT Screen, etc
NEC 4 disc CD-Changer, etc
Video card w/ S-Video and Composite outputs

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